It begins!

Well, sort of.

Mia and I have made the daunting, but important decision to quit our jobs, sell our possessions and travel the world. Come April of 2010, we’ll be world citizens.

We’re not so much running away as we are running to. A lot of people we’ve told so far might not believe it, but it’s happening. We’re going to document the entire trip (insofar as we can) and planning process right here.

When you start thinking about a jaunt around the world, you tend to gravitate toward the epic beauty of other countries–the world cuisine, the people, the experiences.

Then there’s reality, and reality is a real pain in the ass.

“How long do we go for?” (Planning for 6 mos – 1 year)
“What do we do about our debt?” (Uhhh…?)
“Will we have enough money to make it?” (See above)
“Do we need immunizations?” (Don’t think so..)
“What about visas?” (Yeah, what about them?)

These are all questions I have rattling around my brain late at night (with a lot more, trust me). The first thing we’ve had to come to terms with is just the decision to leave. It sounds like a no-brainer, but it really is much more complex than you might give credence to.

Over the years, I’ve been accumulating stuff. A lot of stuff. Thousands of records, hundreds of DVDs, dozens of electronic gadgets, and even handfuls of crap like macrame owls. As my capacity (both physically and emotionally) to own reaches its peak, my desire to put it in a pile and burn it grows greater. Odds are, we’ll be selling and donating everything we can, but I may not be able to resist the urge of eventually having a farewell macrame BBQ before we leave.

“It’s not for everyone,” my coworker blurted, halfway into my rant about our plans. I guess that’s a logical, rooted statement, and we’re ready to find out if it’s for us (pretty sure it is, thanks, though). I’ve not traveled much myself, truth be told. My band has toured the U.S. a few times over the years, but nothing as extensive as what we’re planning. My craziest adventure thus far involved my brother and I swimming in a waterfall in the rain forest of Puerto Rico:

Mia’s travel resume is equally lacking, if not thinner. Despite the obvious deficit in travel knowledge, we’re doing our best to embrace our DIY roots on this one.

The questions I posed above are no longer hypothetical for us. I hope over the course of the next year, we can use this space to answer them and many more (plus, any you may have). Next spring, we’ll be hitting the road, and this space will serve as our formal travel journal. In the meantime, watch our neuroses and excitement grow.

Much more to come.

– Adam


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