I’m sorry, mom, but I’m doing it.

Next year, when we’re hopefully good and ready, Adam and I will bounce around the world until we feel culturally and personally fulfilled (or, at least, until we run out of money).

Am I scared? I’m downright terrified, but my excitement overrides my apprehension — slightly. Not long ago the prospect of such a journey was merely a glimmer. I always wanted to reserve a chunk of time to travel. I thought, “After college would be perfect!” But I didn’t want to do it alone, and it just didn’t seem feasible. Now that I have an eager travel buddy, the glimmer has become a supernova.

And what better time than now? I’m about to graduate, the economy is in shambles, and the furthest I’ve ever traveled is an American-made playground in the Bahamas. Experiencing life on the other side of the map will profoundly effect my character and capabilities. Seriously, what have I got to lose?

The problem is, I have no idea where to start. I admit it: Adam is much better at planning stuff than I am. My severe procrastination problem paired with a hectic life in transit makes it difficult to concentrate on this project. Plus, there are too many hypotheticals right now:
“What if you can’t get time off from work?”
“What if you get sick of it and want to leave early?”
I imagine that all of these parts will congeal within the next few months, especially after I get settled into my new California habitat in June.

Our goal is to be fiscally and emotionally secure when the time comes in 2010. We’re considering every acute angle in order to make that happen. Therefore, I suggest you sit back, relax, and live vicariously through us by reading our blog.



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