Busy week(s)

My updates have come to a trickle lately, despite the fact that I have much to write about. It’s all about time, people. Work is on a slaughtering rampage, which I suppose I should be thankful about (I’m not). Needless to say, this week was not one where I entertained the luxury of excessive free time. The weekend on the other hand…

That said, I did do a little online dabbling (gotta) and came across a great new site called Air B’n’B. I’m not exactly sure what that name is supposed to mean, but it’s a great place to look for rooms, apartments, hostels, and sublets while overseas. The interface is great and rather robust for a site that hasn’t been around too long. Many users post pictures and good descriptions of their spaces along with reasonable expectations they have of their guests (good for weeding out crazies). One feature I see coming in handy is the reviews. It’s sort of a Yelp-Craigslist hybrid with Twitter’s graphic feel (sorry, that was awful). Check it out!

Although I may not be doing much writing here, there are diligent folks doing stuff out on the vast internets. I’ll use my lazy Sunday update to post two great blogs:

First, I’m sure you’ve all heard about director Spike Jonze’s upcoming new film, Where the Wild Things Are. My buddy Matt is helping to manage and write for Spike’s blog of inspirational (not in a corny way) artists, musicians, filmmakers and other miscellany. Go stop by, you’ll love it: We Love You So.

There is another site I’ve been really addicted to lately (it’s also in our Links section ->) called Going Slowly, which chronicles the around the world cycling trip of a couple. The blog is well written, funny and really interesting. The duo, Tyler and Tara, have been in the UK for the last month and seem to be enjoying themselves. Do yourself a favor and check out the marvelous photographs they’re taking along the way. Very inspirational.

One last note: I need to stop watching the Travel Channel so much (not just because Samantha Brown irritates the hell out of me). Today, I caught a program on Lisbon, Portugal — one of the first stops we’re considering on our journey, and I WANT TO LEAVE RIGHT NOW. It’s strange though–it looks so much like San Francisco! It made me nostalgic for home and we haven’t even left yet. Here are some photos courtesy of Flickr’s Creative Commons:

credit: pedrosimoes7

credit: mcpig

credit: mcpig

Bernt Rostad



One response to “Busy week(s)

  1. you NEED to go to lisbon.. and PORTO. portugal is great! agagaggagahgahagaha

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