Pulling the trigger

Plane tickets are on sale everywhere. Sites from Delta to Expedia are promising cheap, discounted–and in some extreme cases (STA ran a sale today offering $30 tickets to Paris from a few major American cities)–nearly free. This is our double-edged sword lately. With a flight to Rome or Paris bottoming out around $500, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to know when to buy.

Now, this is not guntocat’shead.jpeg* “pulling the trigger” urgent (sorry for the overwrought metaphor), but it’s been causing me a lot of stress. With the trip still 10 months away (yes, it’s that far AND that close), it seems like the obvious choice would be to wait it out, develop a better plan and buy tickets later this year (oh, and cheer on the demise of our financial system). Most of the doom and gloom of the economy seems to suggest that plane tickets will be cheap for a long time to come. Right?

Well, maybe. There is nothing worse than buying a $500 flight for $1200. We’ve all been there, and we all know…it sucks. So, it’s no surprise that this has been rattling around my brain a lot. The bulk of our savings is not tied up right now and could easily purchase tickets. So, do I? (That’s an existential, rhetorical and annoying question you need not answer). Excluding things that seem like an obvious racket (travel insurance), there really is no way to know what to do. It’s all in the gut, and boy, do I hate my gut.

So, let’s hear it for economic failure and the ability to buy refundable, adjustable and convenient tickets to Madrid, Spain for April, 2010. Yeah? Yeah? Yeah.

* Oh, for reference, obviously:



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