Look what came today!

Officially, a few of the hurdles of getting underway are done. Last year, I lost my wallet and my ID, and since then, I have slacked considerably on getting a new California ID.

I finally got my birth certificate in the mail in February, then got my state ID in March, and now the passport has arrived. I suppose it’s probably about that time we start looking into traveler’s health insurance. Not something I’m very excited about. More on this later.

Still not much of a reprieve from work, but I hope to be able to have some more updates this week.



2 responses to “Enabled

  1. Maybe you’ve already researched this, but do you need insurance in countries with socialized healthcare? I know a friend of mine was traveling, and fell down some stairs in Italy. She was seen no problem without, as far as I know, having any type of insurance.

    Also there was the bonehead idiot in that last Michael Moore movie that hurt himself outside of some recording studio that the Beatles used. Trying to do a handstand or some asinine shit, and was treated without insurance. Could be anomalies, but just offering suggestions that could potentially be $$$ saving.

  2. ourexcellentadventure

    I haven’t looked into that yet, but that seems logical. More research is needed!

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